The farm is situated in the territory of Sambuca di Sicilia in the province 
of Agrigento.

The vineyards extends for 38 hectares in three suggestive areas:

Pepita Roccarossa, Arancio, Batia. The rent natural conditions,

the cultivation with biological systems, the altitude that ranges from 300

to 550 metres, the microclimate favoured by the closeness

to Lake Arancio and to the wood, the temperature range, permits to

select the vines adapting them to the characteristic of the soil

to produce wines that have a strong and intense personality.


The culture of the vine in the estate Di Prima goes back to immemorial time.
A few metres from the farm, in fact, were discovered pigiatoi

dug in to the rock that probably dates back to the Sicani age,

ancient inhabitants of western Sicily.